Friday, December 13, 2013

Canada's Sad Devolution

What was once Canada the cool, the country a 1991 Economist cover story called the "post-modern nation-state", has now devolved into a rightwing hellhole.

So says The Guardian in an article entitled Sadly, Rob Ford epitomises what Canada has become. Using Toronto's Chief Oaf Rob Ford and the hard-right policies of Stephen Harper as exemplars, the writer, Matthew Hays, concludes that our country has lost its way.

While one may not agree with all of the conclusions drawn, it is once again sobering to see ourselves as other see us, thanks to the misbegotten policies and contemptuous behaviour of our democratically-elected 'leaders.'


  1. Our international reputation is in tatters, Lorne. And these folks think that's a sign of strong leadership -- because they look inwards, at their own navels, instead of outwards towards the rest of the world.

    1. The paucity of real leadership in this country is indeed stunning, Owen.