Monday, September 20, 2021

An Inspirational Story

While I am an avid newspaper reader, much of it online (NYT, The Guardian) and one a physical journal (The Toronto Star), I limit my intake of television news to one hour per night, the local news at 6 o'clock and NBC Nightly News or Global National at 6:30. Both of the latter have in common how they end their newscasts, almost always with an inspirational story to counterbalance the day's bitter events.

Last evening the final story on Global News was especially heartening, profiling Josh Vander Vies, the Liberal candidate in Vancouver East. As you will see in the following report, his fortitude and determination would clearly make him a welcome addition to Parliament.

Please start the video at the 18:25 mark.


  1. He's quite a contrast to so many of the hacks, on both sides of the aisle, that infest our House of Commons.

    1. Exactly my thought, Mound. I hope he gets elected.