Monday, January 13, 2020

Corporate Integrity: No Longer An Oxymoron

While he will undoubtedly come under under intense criticism, all I can say is, Bravo, Michael McCain.


  1. A CEO with a conscience. There's hope.

    1. I usually have a jaundiced view of corporations and their CEOs, Owen. Therefore, I must give credit where it is due.

  2. .. I for one applaud Mr McCain ..
    Sadly however, he is an extremely rare outlier. There is an astonishing dearth of high level or privileged business people who will express their anger and outrage. Its hard to measure or come to grips with the broader public outrage and comprehension of just what happened via Donald Trump and the US Military and Intelligence Agencies unless one utilizes effective Mainstream and independant Social Media.

    I will give credit to PostMedia for their outstanding front page the other day, portraying eloquently the human cost in Canada of American colonialism, greed, ignorance and viciousness. If you have not seen it, have a search.. or I will track a link down, and send. Its Pulitzer worthy.

    The top down & integrated disease America is infected by, is not going away.. ever.
    In my view, the best.. the only correct pathway for Canada and Canadians is to extract ourselves in all ways possible from such a diseased country. Its triage time, survival time. Face reality. We have no business being in Afghanistan or involved with Syria or Yeman, or the Saudis etc. If we must do business with the USA, I understand.. but in the long long run.. they will overwhelm us. Trump et al will poison North America out of sheer economic greed. Or desperate need for our precious water. The rest of our resources they don't already control. Our 'culture' will be a single snack bite of an appetizer, collateral damage so to speak. We already have at least one major political Party enchanted with American electoral cheating tactics, phony evangelism and economic greed and the other major political Party who currently operates as a minority government can't see that forest for the trees.

    Canada in my view also needs to withdraw from the ponzi scheme of everlasting economic growth and endless population growth to feed the scam. Put the vehicle in park and figure out why the engine is overheating and rattling, on its last legs.

    Anyone who has read The Upside Of Down gets this reality. I myself am way overdue for a careful reread.. the 'Down' is here.. now we need to grasp the fleeting 'Upside' .. We may only get one shot at it.. and the time is Now.. right now, lickedy split, toute suite & pronto

    1. I completely agree with your comments, Sal. I do think that in the future, after my generation is gone, Canada will be in a very precarious position when the U.S. turns its covetous eye to our water.