Sunday, August 13, 2017

Unfit For Office

I am not writing as much these days, preferring to read, learn and reflect. Perhaps serendipitously, I am currently half-way through a book entitled The Blood of Emmet Till, a wrenching examination of the murder of a 14-year-old black lad visiting Mississippi in the summer of 1955, an event that galvanized the civil rights movement. His murderers were found not guilty due to the systemic racism of the South, a racism that clearly is alive and well today if the the horrible events in Charlotteville, Virgina are any indication.

One thing is certain, however, despite the cant of the white supremacists who are now playing the victim card: their lord and mentor, Donald Trump, is manifestly unfit for office:


  1. I took a look today into the miscreant who drove into a crowded street of protesters yesterday, killing one and leaving several others in critical condition. He was seen in a photo standing with a group called Vanguard America. I went to Vanguard's web site and explored its racist, white nationalist manifesto. There I came upon references to "cultural Marxism" a phrase I remembered from that Higgins memo, the last straw that drove General McMaster's purge of radicals from the National Security Council. That memo, which you've read, was met with warm approval when it landed on Trump's desk. It's reported that Trump was infuriated when he learned McMaster had given Higgens the boot. What's now apparent is that Trump isn't merely a figurehead for these vermin, he has them embedded within his administration and they go all the way to the inner circle - Bannon, Miller and Gorka included. That's why Trump wouldn't denounce them yesterday. They're his team and that goes straight to the top.

    1. Never have these people felt more emboldened and justified, Mound, than when Trump ascended to the presidency. He is a cancer that is clearly metastasizing.