Saturday, July 29, 2017

Guest Post: A Provocative And Fascinating Thesis

I recently published a guest post by BM entitled, The Creep Of Corporatism. In a followup, he has written something that I think many will find both fascinating and thought-provoking:

Thank you for featuring my comment as a blog post. In line with your other recent post on Canadian sovereignty, and my mention of the monetary crisis in India which everyone glosses over, I'd like to expand on the latter situation a bit, since new information has come to light, and it rather puts Bill Gates and parts of the US government in a very bad light if one values personal and own country freedom as I do. In other words, I'd like someone other than myself to have a read and a think about what's going on. Forget Trump, he hasn't even heard about this well-advanced scheme of the ultimate oligarch.

You may recall this Paypal controversy from February this year. A similar horror story occurred in the UK earlier btw. " A Canadian community newspaper wanted to enter a feel-good story about a family of Syrian refugees in an awards competition and sent a fee to the organizer of the competition. As the purpose of the payment it gave the name of the article, which included the word Syrians. This prompted PayPal to freeze the account of the media organization and to send a letter stating: “You may be buying or selling goods or services that are regulated or prohibited by the U.S. government.” It then asked some entirely impertinent questions of the paper.

What happened? Bugger all. Everyone went back to sleep. If only Freeland could concentrate on Canada instead of Ukraine!

So, anyway, India is being used as a testbed for a World ID. That's right, we''ll all have an ID unique to us if Billy Gates' scheme goes through and it's almost there. Do I sound like a mad conspiracy theorist? On the face of it, yes, but read on. The idea was hatched by Obama back in 2010 or so either as a poodle of Gates or the other way around.

The entire story can be read here. Get over a billion Indians to go cashless by the end of next year, and use only mobile phones for payment. Every transaction scrutinized by nameless dicks in the good ole USA. It's the ultimate 1984. The author is German. Read it in disbelief until you realize it's coming down the line. The U.S. is worried that the Chinese will have alternative reserve currency besides the dollar. Can't have that, now can we?

The author doesn't speculate much - he quotes publicly available source. And you know, when every transaction is monitored by the U.S. bureaucracy, just like our phone calls and emails, well freedom does not exist. Revolution not allowed - the rich must get richer. And Trump will still be firing staff not knowing a thing about his bureaucracy. This is ultimate NeoCon territory, I'm afraid tied in with the Democratic Party, ISDS provisions of free trade.

So what do you think of this coming basic attack on our individual and sovereign rights? All done that we may become poodles for our U.S. lords and masters. Completely sickening, but sold as efficient and personal. The drones of the smartphone world will suck it back like a Starbucks, and I've read articles here in Canada with Visa saying that purely cashless payments could occur in Canada by 2022, but darned if I can find them.


  1. You have presented a great deal to think about and research here, BM. Thank you for your insights. I have just started to look at the implications of the cashless society. Interestingly, but probably not surprisingly, only the convenience of the cashless state is being emphasized, as in interview with the CBC's Matt Galloway:

    Ours is quickly becoming a society in which privacy, just like any other commodity, is regarded as fungible.

  2. He or she who controls the technology ultimately controls millions of people, Lorne. Terrific food for thought.

    1. I agree, Owen. Technology always has been a double-edged sword, but today that sword has become increasingly sharp and potentially much deadlier.

  3. As far as I understand, using plastic (credit and debit cards) does something similar already. People can track all your purchases, where and when you bought what, already unless you use cash. That way they can do demographic studies and businesses can figure out which flyers should go to which neighbourhoods. It's a slow creep toward having more and more data on us.

    1. The siren call of convenience, I suspect, will always be heard much more readily than even the loudest warnings about the creeping surveillance state, Marie.

  4. The billion+ indians that have been targeted to go cashless by the end of next year, will not do it by choice. Many of these Indians are very poor and do not have mobile phones.

    Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has no problem sacrificing this groups survival, because as we know the poor have no power, and for the most part they can't fight back.

    Like lambs to the slaughter they will be the test case of how the elites can then implement and sustain a cashless society world wide.

    I did not make the connection that another reason for going cashless is that the U.S reserve currency is under threat by China. Thanks BM for pointing that out. It's a really important facet, of this whole cashless society pursuit.

    Allowing the neocon financial elite, to have full control over our privacy has been their goal for sometime now. Creating a cashless society is the tool that will make it possible. The financial elites will share that control with our governments and the various institutes like intelligence and security, who are foaming at the mouth to have full control over us. It's such a drag to have to get a warrant to check a citizens phone or computer.

    This neoliberal government is the perfect entity to create a cashless society at the sacrifice of Canadians privacy rights.
    Trudeau's constant promotion of "the free trade" deals, with the ISDS clause intact is a dead give away to his allegiance to the necon corporate elite domestically and globally.

    As he hands over the control of Canadian wealth,through these deals, particularly our resources to these elites , so too will he hand over our privacy rights to these same elites.Neoliberal policy implemented to the fullest.

    The only option I see, is that privacy is a fundamental right as stated in the Charter of Rights and Freedom. Legally creating a cashless society, while violating our privacy rights may be be challenged by the Supreme Court. MOUND has said that Trudeau may even try to undermine the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I think he is right. It is with this issue, creating a cashless society that he may use to try and do the undermining. How ironic!

    The younger generation does not seem as concerned about protecting their privacy as the older generation. I've noticed a shift in Trudeau being marketed to that younger generation.Up until recently Trudeau was sent out by the powers that be to talk to all Canadians.

    Lately however with having his picture on the cover of the "Rolling Stone" and with revealing online what his summer choices of songs on Spotify are. I think it is the younger generation that his puppet masters are focused on. Who else would be interested in Trudeau's song choices, not the boomers,
    but a generation, some who will be first time voters, who are, constantly on their smart phones would be.
    It is only celebrities that make the cover of The Rolling Stone which means to me that Trudeau is now being marketed to a very young generation as a celebrity, not as a Prime Minister. This younger generation have grown up admiring celebrities.

    As Harper focused only on conservative Canadians,including his base, so Trudeau may be focusing on Younger Canadians who will not question his policies, but will see him as a celebrity.This focus, I think is a conscious strategy by the neocon elites, the ones really in charge.. BM your essay was excellent. I really enjoyed reading it.

    1. BM will, I hope, feel free to respond to the comments here, Pamela, but let me just say that I think your observation about who Justin Trudeau is being marked to is a very, very important point to bear in mind in this overall discussion.

    2. Even in these early days Lorne, Trudeau's necon puppet masters are planning how to get Trudeau re-elected with another majority. He's their boy. No stone will be left unturned to achieve electoral success. What ever it takes.

      If the celebrity strategy doesn't work, then they'll try another strategy. I think it will work though.

      Through Trudeau, the neocon elites are manipulating the Canadian people into believing that Trudeau and the liberals have Canadians best interest at heart, but there's not a sincere word that comes out of Trudeau's mouth. Everything that he says and does is conscripted before hand. His neocon advisors would never risk letting Trudeau govern independently. He is the perfect pawn.

      If they succeed, it will be the biggest con job ever pulled on the Canadian people.

  5. I'm so grateful I snagged a reserved spot on the last chopper out of Saigon.

  6. Thanks for all the comments - I didn't expect to get featured again.

    My first 'article' mentioned the Indian bank note demonetizing last November when people couldn't pay bills. Replacement money was not readily available, hundreds of millions went to get their old money changed at the bank but there was limited supply. It took over six weeks before things settled down to a dull roar, and many people suffered in the meantime. But hey, this was just the Gates Foundation's and World Economic Forum's opening gambit with PM Modi sitting there mute. Might as well use a country where nobody else would pay attention and subject them to the experiment. As more and more of the third world is thus infected, the results analysed, astute observers will see how best to do it to us with the least fuss, learning from their mistakes.

    Bebit cards were proposed as universal but the illiterate might not be able to follow pay instructions and hundreds of thousands of villages have no ATM anyway. In Kenya, perfectly good smartphones like the Chinese Tecno with v7.0 Android and 8 GB RAM are available for $50, and with dual SIMs at that. There smartphones are used for most transactions already, so using icon-based payment systems for the illiterate can be accomplished. Given the drug-like love these things generate in humans, that's the way things will go, I've no doubt. For the impecunious, serviceable phones using text payment are about ten bucks.

    The article from Countercurrents should be read and basically understood. Bill Gates may be a philanthropist in his own mind, but has definite ideas of how things should proceed. His ideas are a billion times more influential than yours and mine, and I doubt he's up on human rights and constitutions. Their regulations are of no interest to him, because that's the past, his ideas are the future. All these oligarchs know they're smarter than the average bear. Gates thinks everyone having a World ID # is just great, and so should you.

    China pays Russia in remnibi for oil and gas already, no messy World Clearing Bank of New York for those big boys. With the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank AIIB China has started (and yes Canada was an early member), gradually a hub of financial activity will coalesce around China. If the yuan (remnibi) becomes influential, then the US's $20 trillion debt that it finances by issuing more money from the privately-owned Federal Reserve bank will become more wobbly if foreign currency transactions are not being funnelled exclusively through the USA. Unilateral sanctions against foreign countries won't be leakproof, like these new ones against Russia passed today in the House of Reps and Senate. If the petrodollar has to be shared with the petroyuan it's not good for the US in propping up their house of cards. The US will go to the wall to stop that possible eventuality because it means ultimate ruin.

    In any case, I'm a fatalist. We're ruining the physical world, nobody cares; plants love extra CO2 - didn't you know that ecofreak? The world is full of the uncaring and sceptical. Magic trumps science. I live in essentially the woods in our subdivision. Birds are rare except for crows. Sparrows and chickadees were everywhere 30 years ago. Not now. Stuck my head out of the window just now at 6:30pm, not a chirp. The erosion of any way of doing anything without persistent over your shoulder surveillance by someone or other continues apace. It doesn't seem like much fun for the future. Remortgage the home and live like a sybarite now. Might as well, this gravy train is entering the station at a hundred klicks and the driver is just beginning to realize - oh jeez, the brakes don't work.