Thursday, July 20, 2017

Canadians Are Outraged

The outrage is once again stoked by Omar Khadr, but, as I wrote the other day, it is Peter Kent's shameful performance that is earning their scorn. These two letter-writers reflect that scorn:
Re: Omar Khadr payout gains traction in U.S. media after Conservative MP’s op-ed, July 17

It seems that Conservatives and their base just don’t want to let this go. And now some of Canada’s politicians are taking to American media outlets to air out their beefs.

It’s bad enough that the Conservatives have made this an issue they are going to ride until the next election. But now, Thornhill MP Peter Kent has decided to go play partisan politics in the right-wing American media. Shameful, shameful, shameful!

I find it incredibly un-Canadian that Conservatives would go anywhere abroad and sell out their own government for the sake of pandering to their hateful, racist base. The right-wing media outlets down there are, of course, going to milk this for U.S. President Donald Trump’s own base. It seems that reporting facts has long been forgotten for the sake of partisan politics.

If Kent wants to continue making this an issue, he has a seat in Parliament where he can do as part of his job. It is disgusting that he chose to put down his own country through the American right-wing media.

Phil Marambio, Oakville

Peter Kent is following in his old boss’s pen prints with his opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.

How is it he feels entitled as a representative of Canadian citizens to bring back his flawed journalist skills to disagree with the federal government, using an American newspaper?

How is this in the best interests of Canada, with NAFTA negotiations in full gear? Is he using his past journalist code of ethics? Did the good voters of Thornhill implore him to write it? Who paid him?

Mr. Kent is entitled to his opinion on any issue. But he is certainly not thinking about Canada, which pays him his salary.

J.L. Isopp, Nanaimo, B.C.

And speaking of village idiots, one from Alberta, Michelle Rempel, displayed her bona fides the other day on Fox. If you haven't seen the report, here is her stomach-churning Fox News debut:


  1. .. Peter Kent has zero standing.. zero.

    I hate to keep harping on what a detestible failure he is.. but simple research betrays what a sellout he was as an elected 'public servant' bumboy for Stephen Harper & Ray Novak.

    Kent was appointed Minister of Environment - a stupendous opportunity and challenge.

    He then pimped & led years of evasion of the SARA mandate until he and Harper were forced by federal courts to enact protection of threatened species. But wait, there's more!

    In a brilliant stroke to save Boreal Caribou (see our 25c piece) the Harper war room PMO, Laureen and Kent decided that rather than protect caribou habitat from tar sands.. just contract out airdrops of strychnine laced meat baits to poison & kill boreal wolves.. (and any other omniverous creatures.. crow, racoon, bobcat, eagle, bear, raven, wolverine.. hell, any creature in the food chain with a sense of smell was 'regretfully' targeted on behalf of getting extracted energy resources to Asia.. after 4 to 5 years of obstructing their SARA mandate)

    As Thomas Mulcair famously said.. 'we write this stuff down, you know' .. Hansard etc.. and this punkass sellout Kent presumes he speaks for Canadians? He's a deluded & disgusting example of just how far into the tailings ponds one can sink.. along with with the partisan political freakshow he's pimping for

    1. For the reasons you articulate here, Salamander, I find Peter Kent to be one of the more odious examples of those who 'serve' the public. I wonder if he has any inkling of the contempt in which he is held by many, many Canadians.

  2. It is decidedly creepy to see first Kent and then Rempel drawn like insects to the flame of FOX News, the last bastion of Trumpism on America's TV airwaves. I wonder if the choice was opportunism or desperation.

    1. Whatever their motivations, Mound, the results are pathetic. They are truly hollow.