Friday, June 30, 2017

A Little Balance

Since yesterday's post was about the terrible excesses our cossetted and selfish species is capable of, I thought it might be nice to post today about someone who clearly respects her environment and has established a home with what we would call a very modest environmental footprint:


  1. I wish her well but I have my doubts about how well this will serve her in the long run. I've thought about going off the grid by building a cabin on a suitable interior lake that would support solar and micro-hydro power but it would have to be bigger than this. Do you think you could live in her style, Lorne?

    1. That's a good question, Mound, and i'm not sure about the answer. The fact that she lives in a temperate California climate means that she likely spends a lot of her time outdoors and on her deck, her 'outdoor living room,' which would surely make a difference.

      Nonetheless, her choice is a good object lesson in pared-down living, something the majority of us could learn from.