Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Love Note To The U.S.

From my jaundiced perspective, Canadians sending a 'love note' to America will only add to its unbearable hubris, seen regularly in its conduct on the world stage and in its claims to be the greatest country on earth.

Yet that is exactly what a Toronto firm called the Garden Collective is suggesting we do in a campaign entitled #TellAmericaItsGreat:
According to the Garden’s blog, the digital pep talk is meant as a balm to the “pretty scary realities” and “tremendous amount of negativity” exposed by the campaign, which continues for another three weeks.
However, given my low threshold for nausea-inducing saccharine sentiments, I shall refrain from uploading an inspirational video to buck up our neighbours to the south and stick with my core philosophy, which I think you might infer if you are a regular reader of this blog: "Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie."


  1. I guess it can't hurt. Perhaps some might find it inspiring and back away from appeals to base instincts and fears. How about a slightly different message such as "We love you, America, but out of 320 million people, are these really the best candidates you could find?"

    1. I suspect some would get into a snit over such a question, Mound. After all, who are we, mere Canadians, to question 'the greatest country on earth"?

  2. isn't condoning and promoting dysfunctional behavior called enabling?