Thursday, September 8, 2016

Neoliberalism In Four Easy Panels

This probably says all we need to know about neoliberalism.

Should you have the stomach for it, you can read more here.


  1. When the political apparatus, both legislative and regulatory, has been captured and harnessed into service of the corporate sector, it has to be reclaimed for the public or democracy dies. It's that cut and dried. That begins by recovering critical aspects of national sovereignty surrendered through free trade deals. The first step should be rejection of the major deals on the table - CETA and TPP. The clearest evidence that we're ruled by neoliberalism is the government championing these deals and, yes, I mean the Trudeau government. If that offends Liberal supporters, so be it.

    During the Harper years I got sharply rebuked for suggesting that much of the effort we expended on criticizing the Conservative government could be put to better use cleaning up our own house so that, when the public's patience for Harper ended, the next government would be aligned to right Canada's political keel and restore a real measure of progressivism to the country. That never happened and, instead, we got the government we have today.

    1. Until more people choose to educate themselves about these deals, Mound, I imagine our government will continue on its present course. While we allow ourselves to be fixated by the circus of our American cousins, we ignore the wisdom of Europeans, who seem to know well the dangers of these pacts. In my view, they are our only hope.