Friday, September 23, 2016

Drowning In Our Excesses

The news is alarming, the statistics incredible, the implications dire. A convergence of factors, not the least of which is climate change, is causing rapid ice-sheet melting in Greenland. It is estimated to be losing 40 trillion pounds more ice per year than had been previously thought.

We will soon be drowning in our excesses.


  1. "action must be taken without delay" - what are the odds of that happening? I read a news story this morning about sea level rise in Vancouver. The city foresees having to spend billions to defend its shoreline. Here's the thing. Ordinary people don't have waterfront homes in Vancouver. That's where the richest people live. Will the city socialize that risk and cost in property taxes for the exclusive benefit of the richest of the rich? The Dutch had some pretty direct discussions about sea level rise from which they decided that some of their (reclaimed) land had to be surrendered back to the sea. Vancouver isn't having that honest discussion.

    1. That is hitting close to home, isn't it? Pretty soon I suspect Vancouver will have to have that discussion, Mound, whether they want to or not. 'Plausible deniability' will not be an option, no matter how much politicians may fear the fallout that comes with making hard decisions.