Saturday, April 9, 2016

Are The Toronto Police Re-Victimizing The Family Of Alex Wettlaufer?

I cannot imagine the ongoing pain that the family of Alex Wettlaufer is experiencing. Less than a month ago, 21-year-old Alex was killed by police under suspicious and troubling circumstances, details of which will be withheld from the public for up to a year as the SIU carries out its investigation.

However, the loss of a young family member may not be the only grief the family is currently experiencing. According to an anonymous message I received last night, the police are compounding that pain in ways which, if true, offers us a deeply troubling and frightening insight into a force that may be totally out of control.

It is common knowledge that when the police feel in any way threatened, either by the courts or by individuals, they make their intimidating presence felt. Their past harassment of former Toronto Police Services Board Chair Susan Eng and an array of civic representatives attests to the long and vindictive memory of the Toronto Police. And when their own credibility is on the line in court cases, a wall of blue dominates and intimidates witnesses and lawyers.

I cannot attest to the veracity of what follows, but this anonymous source brings forth allegations so disturbing in nature that they surely merit further investigation.
I have heard so much about this incident from a friend I've known for 20 years, who themselves has known the family for decades, and watched all the kids grow up. Details that DO NOT match up with what is being reported.

Alex was only dropping his girlfriend off at the subway, because he didn't want her walking there at night by herself. Afterwards he took the usual shortcut home along the ravine, as many of the kids from the neighbourhood have for generations. It would seem this was a case of mistaken identity, and Alex died because of this mistake! The family was told he was shot by 3 different officers after the autopsy was complete. And the strangest part... the cellphone he was using to call his family when he was shot was apparently NOT recovered by the police!

And to add to this bullshit, the family home has been raided, not once but twice. Three of Alex's siblings have been arrested and charged for things like mischief and threats because of angry posts on Facebook. The raids were conducted under the pretense of looking for drugs and weapons, but of course nothing was found. The family is scared, as they are being harassed by the police to the point that they are afraid to say anything.

These details should be all over the media, and it pisses me off so much to hear what this poor family is going through because the police made a mistake and are making their life a living hell to save their own asses! Now I can't speak to the veracity of any of these details, as we all know how personal bias can change things that are said as they are shared between people, but something is definitely not right here. The travesty of this incident and the subsequent actions by the police should be all over the news.

This is much worse than the Yatim shooting if the police are truly guilty here. It makes me so sick thinking the police will likely get away with this shooting.
I have urged my anonymous correspondent to take the appropriate measures to ensure that these allegations get a full and very public investigation.


  1. I'm very glad you are keeping on top of this one. The SIU were asking on their website for witnesses to step forward and that possible charges might be laid several weeks ago.
    The latter is all gone. Now there's a single sentence on the matter just saying they're investigating.

    I have mentioned this matter where I can on the blogs I frequent, and the revelations you reveal from your correspondent just make me want to spit. I was particularly put out by the TV spot where some police spokeswoman talked about civilians, as if the police were military. They dress like they are part of the Robocop mob as well.

    It's not good enough. At all. You might want to visit the SIU page to see all the "civilians" Ontario police have killed this year:

    The "gun" was probably the Wettlaufer's phone, IMO.


    1. Thanks for your comments, Anon. I find all of this truly disturbing, and I think only by keeping these events in the public eye, as, for example, The Toronto Star, bloggers, etc. do, can we hope for any chance of ending this scourge.

      I will certainly check out your link to the SIU. Thank you.