Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stephen Harper and The Canada Revenue Agency: The Unholy Alliance Continues

I have written many times about the unholy partnership between Stephen Harper and the Canada Revenue Agency that takes the form of an auditing witch hunt of those charities that in any way offer criticism of Dear Leader's policies. The latest news offers further proof that official avowals of impartiality in selecting who will be audited are absolute lies.

The laest story involves the actions of the much-reviled and detested former premier of Ontario, Mike Harris:
A fundraising letter written by Fraser Institute senior fellow and former premier Mike Harris criticizing the Ontario government highlights a double standard in the way the Canada Revenue Agency audits charities, critics charge.

The letter takes swipes at the province for lacking a “credible plan” to balance the provincial budget within two years, and goes on to criticize Ontario’s debt and the province’s unemployment rate.
Especially troubling are the Institute's assertions that it doesn't engage in political activities, and that the Harris letter is not political.

Says its president, Niels Veldhuis:
“It’s written by a long time senior fellow of the Fraser Institute, Mike Harris. All of the data in the letter is based on Fraser Institute research..."
Progressive charities that have fallen victim to CRA audits disagree:
“It’s definitely political,”’ says Tim Gray, executive director of Environmental Defence, referring to the Fraser Institute letter.

“The Fraser Institute is clearly doing public policy work in the political sphere,” says Gray, whose environmental group is being audited by the CRA — a probe that began in 2011.

“They (Fraser Institute) should be reporting that (to Canada Revenue) and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be audited based on their compliance with that 10 per cent (political activities rule),” Gray says.

Gray adds that if they’re not being audited, then that raises the question — why not?
Two brief highlights from Harris' letter underscore the political nature of the missive (bolded areas mine):
“Credit rating agencies have further downgraded the province’s credit rating, primarily because it’s very unlikely that this government will reverse course and enact a credible plan to balance the budget within the next two years.’’

“Ontario has experienced reckless overspending by government, ballooning public sector salaries, increased red tape and more union-friendly labour laws.”
Environmental Defence director Gray asks why the Fraser Institute is not being audited. The answer, sadly, is all too obvious for anyone willing to see the pattern, and to understand the deep contempt with which the Harper regime regards anyone with the temerity to challenge its agenda.

The October election cannot come soon enough.


  1. Do you remember what the Bible says, Matt. 7:1,2? "Judge not that thou shall not be judged. For whatever measure you measure, the same will be measure against you."

    Harper judged you. The auditing was actually a political scheme to milk money because Min. Gail Shea projected $29 billion uncollected HST. It is wrong and dishonest to make a prediction and try to recover it. This is how the audit stars, but all to the small business operators and the NGOs. They are afraid of the big companies. The big companies and foreign organization give money to the politicians and political parties. The politicians will work as lobbyists for the big companies once they leave politics. So, they chase after the small guys. But all their audit work is actually fraud. If you are a victim, read their audit report carefully.Read the numbers carefully! It is a scam. Public sector auditing, which I study, is not as what you see in their audit report. It is a scam.

    1. I fear that your dark assessment of the relationship between government and the big companies is all too frequently true, Caroline.