Thursday, December 11, 2014

Where Some Truth Resides

A friend of mine sent me the following. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

Prime Minister Harper took an aerial tour of the proposed pipeline route through BC earlier this week.

When he returned he said he thought it went reasonably well.


  1. Us white guys are too wimpy to save the country. It's up to the first nations.

  2. .. make no mistake. The current PM of Canada will engage Canadian Forces, RCMP and spy services against the people of Canada in attempts to enforce pipeline construction and drilling, against their will.

    Let me know when you see a shred of evidence that Stephen Harper, his rude MP's, his unelected PMO can express coherently.. just one aspect of hydraulic fracturing that is a truly dangerous issue.. such as methane or other leakage from the wellheads, whether active or abandoned.

    To think any of these frauds could coherently describe the other issues of fracking that impact Canadians is ludicrous. The seperate other issues of environmental damage, Treaty violations, habitat destruction, diversion of fresh water, subterranean pollution and displacement, disposal of processed water, pipelines for gas or oil, property violations, pumping stations and construction, tank farms and portlands for supertankers..

    Whether there's even valid economics to the extraction is another dark and unanswered question.. but we've must been told tjere will be no 'polluter pays' and regulation to date is farcical. This is the fantasy world of Stephen Harper, Peter Kent, the late Flaherty, Tony Clement, Leona Aglukkaq and of course Ray Novak.. whoever he is..

    1. As you well know, Salamander, nothing that is important to us matters at all to the Harperites, whether it is fair and progressive taxation, democratic principles, environmental stewardship or the future of the planet. They, and their corporate masters intend to extract every profit they can until there is nothing left to plunder.