Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Globe And Mail Does It Again

The self-proclaimed newspaper of record once more proves itself to be Dear Leader's biggest fan and most sycophantic press enabler as it sits down for a year-end burnishing of its idol's ego.

Due to my respect for readers' sensibilities, I am not offering any excerpts from the 'interview.' Read it only if you have strong stomachs and are not contemplating a meal in the next hour or two.

Nonetheless, I'm sure The Globe's abomination 'conversation' with Harper is just a foretaste of what we can expect in its endorsement editorial before next year's federal election, which will likely run along these lines:

Has the Harper government made mistakes? of course. Do we wish it were less secretive? Yes. But Canada requires the consistent and strong leadership Mr. Harper has shown. In these uncertain times, the choice for voters is clear.


  1. If you require a definition of the phrase "in his pocket," there it is, Lorne.

  2. The G&M seems to have become even more Cons after the departure of those two Cons stalwarts, Stackhouse and Ibbitson. Not worth the time to read except for a very few odd articles now and then.

    1. I agree, Anon. The three-month free subscription we recently had did not convince me that it would be worthwhile to continue, despite the fact that we had subscribed to it for a long time a before cancelling a couple of years ago.. BTW, my understanding is that Ibbitson is returning; he has apparently been on a leave.