Friday, September 19, 2014

The Real Face Of Stephen Harper

As we embark upon a year-long election campaign, we will increasingly be exposed to propaganda from all parties vying for our vote. But the propaganda emanating from the Harper government will deserve special scrutiny.

To be sure, we are constantly told how much better off we are under the compassionate ministrations of the cabal than we ever were under previous governments. Such claims, of course, ring hollow to anyone who has followed the machinations and manipulations of the regime for almost the last decade.

Nonetheless, many seem unwilling to engage their critical faculties when it comes to politics, and will respond best, not to facts, figures and allegations, but rather to the human toll exacted by a government whose demonstrable concerns rest almost exclusively with the business agenda.

The following brief news video, about a corporate betrayal aided and abetted by the Harper regime, perhaps speaks loudest of all. The tale of U.S. Steel's purchase of Stelco, granted with some severe stipulations under the Foreign Investment Review Act, is a graphic reminder of where the Prime Minister's true loyalties lie.


  1. Nothing speaks more loudly than the Stelco case, Lorne. It exposes who Harper's clientel really are.

    1. It is something I hope people outside of the affected workers remember for a long time to come, Owen.

  2. .. the Reclamation of the Nation called Canada will be complicated, but uncomplicated. You touch on a key issue.. who does Stephen Harper & to a far lesser extent, his Harper Government serve? Canadians & their lands? Himself? Or corporatist partners - domestic & foreign. Riddle me that.. ! ..

    Remember a key tenant of lateral thinking - problem solving a la Edward de Bono.. that if you effectively address the problem within an creative question, the solution will often be included.

    MoS recently hit on a deeply related issue.. ie Kinder Morgan vs a 71 year old Canadian woman who took pictures of aging oil tanks in Burnaby, then 'fled the scene'.. only to be tracked down via licence plate by 'INSET' operatives and siege mentality Mounties..

    Strange as it seems.. it appears some sort of reform economist wiring or whining.. a counter productive two-way current.. runs directly from our vaunted PM & chinchilla.. through Ray Novak.. to equally unelected wanks, cranks and Party quislings.. such that a primitive secretive nervous system has evolved.

    Remember how the late sainted Harper enabler, Jim Flaherty hosted weekend 'retreats' to gather the needs of corporatist powers.. an annual check-up so to speak. What this had to do with ordinary Canadians is a great Harper legacy puzzle.

    Why do we have such a huge and growing spy apparatus, but essentially a crumbled aged coastal defense, rescue service? The boreal gets slaughtered as Franklin & the NorthWest Passage route from Alberta to Arctic to China is proclaimed.. what ? ?

    What is our extreme juvenile.. even toxic allegiance to Israel all about.. and why isn't our government concerned about constant beheadings In Saudi Arabia? A military contract we'd hate to lose? Oh ....

    Go back to the basic questions.. who/why/when .. ?
    Keep lateral thinking as a modern healthy matrix for data, fact, concerns
    and we can force feed mainstream media to observe and reflect the reality
    of the decaying Harper Hive, the sloshpit of the Harper Trough..
    as right now, the national animal of Canada is either drone or piggy

    Keep up the fine, caring, informed, concerned and illuminating work !

    1. Thanks, as always, for your insightful comments, Salamander. The juxtaposing questions you present make for a very effective indictment of both the practices and the ideology of the Harper regime.

      I did read Mound's account of the 71-year-old woman being visited by the RCMP. If I lived on the west coast, I do believe I would take a shot at his suggested counter-strategy of surveillance and photos.

      It is time for all of us to think creatively to find solutions to the ongoing erosion of our rights, our freedoms, and our country.

  3. .. The Harper Government reality runs contrary to Canadian Values
    There is ZERO connection to democracy, freedom or honesty..
    Harper stands for Weakness and Obstruction.. and Duplicity
    Whenever, Wherever.. the Harper Fallacies are preached & screeched
    the reality needs to be turned upon them..

    The job of indy journalists and concerned Canadians
    is to ensure our voices and truth.. flatten the Harper Party Deceits
    and reach Canadians in a coherent valuable manner..

    1. Mike De Souza, although technically not an indy journalist now that he has been hired by The Star after being jettisoned from Postmedia, Salamander, is doing some good work, especially on the energy and environment files. He maintains his own website, which makes for some enlightening reading: