Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On The Further Debasement Of Parliamentary Debates

In which Parliamentary Secretary Paul Calandra, a loyal Harper soldier, does his utmost to discourage Canadians from watching the misnamed debates.


  1. .. Harper, Calandra .. & the long list of the rest of the losers ..
    They're just not into us.. not into Canada..
    they're just into what they can take us, and take Canada for..

    Its like classic childish sandbox mentality on display
    .. throwing sand .. toys .. screeching.. spite .. hateful behaviour .. rudeness

    Ulp .. ! Somehow this twisted pantomine was coordinated via Stephen Harper, probably Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Peter Van Loan plus the Party whip and Paul Calandra.. plus a few senior tacticians and 'scriptwriters'

    Its amazing the stupidity and insulting behaviour 10 or 20 public servants can dream up.. its even more amazing than seeing the entire Conservative caucus in raucus idiotic approval... as thrilled participants, supposedly representing their unwitting electors

    1. Another culprit in all of this is Speaker Andrew Scheer, who refused to direct Calandra to answer the question. And Mulcair was then silenced by Scheer after he took the Speaker to task and questioned his neutrality.

  2. "Over the last generation, the executive has grown much to dominant and Parliament much to weak; in fact things have become so bad that Parliament, supposedly the supreme legislative body in the land, could be described as subservient. Sadly this has evolved to the point that the executive (the government) regards the legislative branch (Parliament) without respect, something that is merely an inconvenience. The executive has used porogations to avoid a confidence vote and to shut down a parliamentary committee investigation regarding the possible transfer by Canadian soldiers of Afghan detainees to prisons where the danger of torture existed. These actions, in addition to its use of seventy time-allocation motions in a single parliamentary session, provide convincing evidence of a government that would prefer to govern by fiat, order-in-council, and executive order, then be accountable and answerable to the elected Parliament.(end of quote).
    Brent Rathgeber
    Lorne he can say it so much better then me.

    1. Those words are indeed an apt indictment of this regime, Pamela. I fear nothing will change for as long as members of the governing caucus allow themselves to be used in this disgraceful manner. Unfortunately, far too many of our politicians feel that surrendering any semblance of integrity for potential power as parliamentary secretaries, cabinet positions, etc. is worth it.

      I call it a deal with the devil.