Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh, Joe Oliver, Have You No Shame? UPDATED

In denouncing a leading climate change scientist, the coward, Resources Minister Joe Oliver, showed his complete lack of character, insisting that his message be delivered to a carefully screened audience to avoid any embarrassment from those who favour truth over propaganda.

As Canadians, we should all feel ashamed by the way we are being misrepresented in other countries by this man and his government.

UPDATED: Perhaps you will agree that this interview with Oliver by Evan Solomon can only compound our collective embarrassment over his lies/ineptitude:


  1. Franke James was onto Joe Oliver early on ..

    Myself, I was struck by ol Joe's careful lawyerly ass covering after he and the rest of the Harper Party accused many of us of being radical enemies of Canada.

    Haida elders, teachers, marine biologists, school children, mayors, housewives, Sierra Club members, loggers or librarians.. all the kind of dangerous Canadian citizens that Peter Kent trumpeted were felons helping launder money for rich American environmental interests.

    So in an effort to soften the tone a wee bit Joe utters this startling little jewel regarding Northern Gateway.. "I, personally, have not said that this pipeline should go through." I guess that was his kindly grandfather, parent, neighborly crunchy granola half emerging from his shell ..

    And it is just his 'non personally' ultra wealthy stockbroker, investment banker, MP, Cabinet Minister, split personality alter ego, that thinks that tailings pond water is a refreshing and healthy drink.. bulldozing the boreal is good for the economy, extinguishing treaties is good government.. and objective science and safe pipelines and Chinese tankers are whatever Stephen Harper, Ray Novak, Nigel Wright and the PMO command.

    Forever and Ever .. Amen ..

    I think Joe was hanging with Tom Flanagan, Bruce Carson .. and other Harper petroleum pimps and energy bumboyz.. the thugs like Boessenkool, Baird, Jenni Byrne et al.. all sitting obediently in class, like little doggies along with Keith Ashfield, Peter Kent, Tony Clement and Jim Flaherty.. while Stevie spouted his firewall reform doctrine and dogma and the righteous pathway to Israel and the Rapture

    1. As always, thank you for your insightful comments, Salamander. They serve as a very useful reminder of the duplicitous nature of our political 'masters' who, I observe, are quite willing to utter any lie or half-truth they deem appropriate if it advances their cause. At this, Joe Oliver seems to especially excel.

      I have started reading the Franke James transcript, and in my next post will direct readers to it as well as your comments here.

  2. Salamander -- as always -- sees through the smoke and mirrors.

    1. It is always good to hear from him and you, Owen, and the many others who contribute their observations and insights.