Thursday, November 22, 2012

Worried About That Burgeoning Waistline?

If you are an American, empress of empathy Andrea Tantaros, a Fox presenter, has the answer.

H/t norwind


  1. So disgusting, There is absolutely no empathy coming from those who seek to become part of the 1% or at least mingle with them.

    My former neighbour was on disability income and made it a point to volunteer at every dinner provided by the food bank. For me, that demonstrated more character than any of these entitled, wannabe and fawning 1% crowd.

  2. Indeed, that has been my experience at the food bank where I volunteer, Beijing. Some of the clients have become volunteers themselves. I like to think that the majority of us seek meaning through service of one kind or another, and recognize the endless acquisition of goods for what it is: an empty and endless exercise.