Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thomas Friedman on What Being Pro-Life Should Really Mean

Still convalescing from food-poisoning, I realized today that my re-entry into regular blogging will likely be slower than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, as the situation has permitted, I have been spending some time getting caught up in my newspaper reading, and would like to recommend a fine piece by Thomas Friedman entitled, Why I Am Pro-Life.

In it, the new York Times columnist pillories the hypocrisy of the arch-conservatives who proclaim pro-life stances and reverence for 'the sanctity of life' while ignoring or actively opposing all those things that would, in fact, help guarantee quality and longevity of life outside of the womb, including measures like gun-control, accessible health-care, and educational opportunity.

As usual, Fridemen has some very worthwhile observations well-worth perusing.


  1. It's interesting, Lorne, that the "family values" folks keep making the quality of life for families more difficult.

    Hope your convalescence won't take too long.