Wednesday, August 3, 2011

G20 Police Abuse Reaches The Stage

Like so many other innocent people who fell victim to the madness that engulfed the police during last year's G20 Summit in Toronto, Tommy Taylor experienced an unwarranted arrest and almost 24 hours of incarceration. His crime? Exercising his Charter Right to move about freely, something the authorities at the time deemed threatening to the security of who-knows-what.

Taylor, unlike many others who were simply traumatized by the thuggish actions of the police, wrote an 1100 word synopsis of his experience and posted it on Facebook; ultimately that posting evolved into a play entitled You Should Have Stayed Home, which will be staged from Aug.4 to 14 at the Theatre Centre, on Queen Street West, as part of the SummerWorks Theatre Festival.

More information about his experience can be found on

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