Monday, September 11, 2017

On Systemic Police Racism

I have avoided writing on incidents of police brutality and racism for some time now, not because they are on the decline (check out some of their recent antics, and you will find that, for example, Toronto and area abounds with them) but, quite frankly, because I find it so dispiriting to deal with such egregious abuses of power and authority. I realize that is hardly a reasonable or viable excuse, especially given the kind of suffering the victims themselves experience at the hands of those police who I hesitate to describe as rogue, since they seem to represent an ethos permeating many police departments.

In any event, the following video is most instructive. The fact that it takes place in the U.S. should provide none of us with any comfort, as it just as easily could be depicting a roadside stop here. The language may offend some, but it is indeed a powerful indictment of a systemic problem.

Closer to home, in a Toronto housing project, the infamous Neptune Four police crime unfolded:

Two separate countries. The same mindset. In my view, there is little doubt that systemic police racism is no respecter of national boundaries.


  1. It's a sign of the times, Lorne. And it's all part of the march to the autocratic state.

    1. Soon, more and more people will become strangers in their own countries, Owen.