Wednesday, August 16, 2017

UPDATED: No, Mr. Trump, There Aren't Two Sides

Although issues of justice and equity have concerned me throughout most of my life, as I move through my final decades I find matters becoming more, not less, pressing. Clearly, history is not on an upward trajectory, and as the saying goes, we can rest when we are dead.

Like most, I suppose, I can only bear witness to the suffering that injustice, prejudice and hatred impose and, when opportunities and venues materialize, speak out and write about them and personally intervene if witnessing untoward acts. We all have a deep moral and social obligation not to turn away from but to confront evil in its many forms. Silences gives consent.

One of the most accessible venues for speaking out is a blog, although I am under no illusions about the efficacy of such methodology. However, if it serves to convey information that a reader might not otherwise have, I feel it at least accomplishes something, however little that might be in the larger scheme of things.

In that spirit I offer a clip from NBC News that includes an excerpt from a Vice News documentary exposing what went on behind the scenes in Charlottesville last weekend; it is a clip that puts to the lie everything the diseased leader of the 'free world', Donald Trump, had to say yesterday about some of the fine people who were marching with the white supremacists there. After watching the clip, you can follow this link to Mother Jones, where you can view the entire 22-minutes of the piece.

UPDATE: There is nothing more pathetic than a whining Nazi. Watch below as Christopher Cantwell, the white bare-shirt supremacist who so proudly extolled violence in the Vice clip, now sings a different turn:


  1. Yesterday, Mr. Trump showed his true colours, Lorne. After yesterday, anyone who supports him are in the same league as the leaders of the Vichy Republic.

  2. .. saw that Vice embed piece the other day, thanks. Was quite impressed, even wowed.. by the quiet, patient, reactive & pro docu coverage. It was very well done. Of course the comparitive contrast was the foolish hysterical attempt of Rebel's dear Faith Goldie production team's feeble effort. where the 'embedding' was that of her rancid bias.

    Cantwell, of course.. is a hysterical figure, armed to the teeth with top drawer hideout weaponry.. and loyal defenders sniffing his butt joyously..

    I must look this distorted racist thug up some day.. You know, look up his backtrail.. the twisted beginnings of his freefall into the adoring embrace of his totally f'd, direly malfunctioning droogs.

    The sniffing & weepy caterwauling was a clear lift from WWF .. or some sort of 'reality tv' wrestling knock off. Just choose an appropriate word or term.. and substitute it in - to his screech.. I tried out 'choke hold' & then pepper spray.. and finally 'Mace blended with Agent Orange'

    One would think Cantwell had been transported back into time - and shot in the ass (a virtual victim) at Kent State - by sharp edged paintballs.. injected with paint stripper ! If you think this cretin aint pounding cheap cocaine.. you is in dreamland ..

    The two vids.. are a suite.. a Trumpian mega tremor.. an insane glance into the reality of rascist parasites blowing into town on the Trump/Bannon toxic coat tails ticket

    1. Your commentary serves to starkly illustrate the madness the U.S. has descended into under Trump, or, perhaps more accurately, the madness that Trump has unleashed, Salamander. That someone like Cantwell should feel empowered under the current administration to publicly air his diseased perspective tells us all we need to know.