Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Danger Of False Equivalency

In this morning's Star, Daniel Dale has a very interesting essay on why, despite the fact that it forks no lightning but provokes much outrage from his supporters, it is important to keep reporting on Donald Trump's shameless aversion to truth. Unfortunately, it is not yet available online, but if it becomes available, I will add a link here.

On a related matter, however, my friend Jonathan alerted me to a piece from Bill Maher that is well-worth watching in which he indicts not only the lying Trump but also excoriates the laziness and cynicism of those who embrace him:

And one more thing: it appears that Trump is right in claiming the election is rigged, just not in the way he meant.
A woman in Iowa was arrested this week on suspicion of voting twice in the general election, court and police records show.

Rote told Iowa Public Radio that she cast her first ballot for Donald Trump but feared it would be changed to a vote for Hillary Clinton.

"I wasn't planning on doing it twice — it was spur-of-the-moment," Rote told the radio station. "The polls are rigged."


  1. What a mess. Now there are stories of Trump closing in on Hillary. It's the dog whistle effect of the email non-scandal. I have lost my faith in mankind. It's gone.

    1. I still have a shred, but that may well be gone next month, depending upon the election results, Mound.