Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kellie Leitch's Canada?

Thanks to Alison for this:

Meanwhile, Leitch's colleagues don't appear to favour her approach. Deepak Obhrai, who filed his own leadership candidacy papers yesterday, had this to say:
What I am really concerned about is the tone and the message this question puts forward. As you know, right now, there has been, during the British exit, Donald Trump, those anti-immigrant parties in Europe and everywhere have been giving a negative message about immigration. Nobody's talking about the merits of immigration. This country was built by immigration. USA was built by immigration. So immigration has been completely a positive thing in a country. It has been a strength for that country. Yet, we have seen this negativism going into the fears that somebody has about immigration.
In response to Leitch's sudden 'passion' for Canadian values, Obhrai opined,
They are world values, everywhere. When immigrants come here they already have those values. [...] Most immigrants are already following them at their own homes. There is nothing new about Canadian values. Which is why everyone is having trouble with what is a Canadian value. A Canadian value should be what is in the Charter of rights -- the right for religious freedom, the right to speak, the press and all your basic rights. That is the Canadian values that is not in many countries. But being anti-violent, being anti-abusing women...these are values which are universal.
Expect the condemnation of Leitch's approach by Obhrai and several other leadership contenders to have no impact on the psyche of this strange, strange leadership hopeful. She appears to be deaf to everything, save the shrill sound of the dog whistle.


  1. .. ah don't be such meanies .. give Doctor Leitch some slack..
    she was parachuted in to replace ms Guergis who was being fracked by conjecture - snorting coke off stripper's breast or midriff or well you catch my drift. Pimped by all the heavyweight Harper pimps, MacKay, Baird, Clement & late saint Flaherty et al.. Then she has to stand wooden faced beside Chris Alexander self destructing for a Harper & Ray Novak 'policy' .. and now she's the stalking horse (cue laughter) for all wannabe Harper replacements unsure what The Base will applaud.. or send money for..

    Of course ms Leitch is the dunderhead launched from the trenches.. a victim and a volunteer, all at the same time. She's the female alter ego of the ever chaste Jason de Kenney, or the fatuous Del Mastro & the great masquerador John Baird..

    Shakespeare nailed it .. 'the play's the thing' ..

    1. By your comments, Salamander, it is clear that Ms. Leitch is in very 'august' company, joined at the hip with a veritable panoply of those unfit to hold public office. She must feel very much at home.

  2. There's something dark lurking within Kellie Leitch. Perhaps it's the professional ambition mechanism found in a segment of the high achiever population. Winning is what matters, not how the win is achieved. It's an amoral dysfunction and she seems up to her beady little eyeballs in it.

    1. I suspect, Mound, that were you to scratch beneath the surface of Kellie Leitch, what you find there would be nothing.