Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Return To Sanity

I am currently reading a book by Tim Weiner entitled, One Man Against The World: The Tragedy Of Richard Nixon, and although I lived through that time, I am rediscovering what a nasty and paranoid piece of work the disgraced former President of the United States was. But what struck me most relevantly was the fact that he and Stephen Harper had a lot in common, most notably a disdain, suspicion and contempt for those who questioned their agenda. It is enough to make me wonder whether Harper was a student of Nixon's dark stratagems.

Nixon, for example, was merciless in his many abuses of power while in office; one of the more egregious instances saw him directing Internal Revenue audits against what he termed leftists and liberals. A take-no-prisoners attitude toward his own citizens betrayed the animus and paranoia of his tortured psyche. And while I have no insight into Harper's mind, his own abuse of power through Canada Revenue Agency witch hunts/audits against charitable groups voicing even a scintilla of opposition to his disdain for the environment and his extolment of the tarsands is well-known.

Today, however, brings news that the Trudeau government is winding down these politically-motivated audits.
As recently as November, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered public mandate letters to his new cabinet, [Federal Revenue Minister Diane] Lebouthillier was asked to ensure that Canada’s registered charities are “free from political harassment, and modernize the rules governing the charitable and not-for-profit sectors.”

“The results of the political activities audit program have shown that the charities audited have been substantially compliant with the rules regarding their involvement in political activities,” Lebouthillier said in the release.

“In light of these outcomes, the program will be concluded.”
Despite all the previous disclaimers that the CRA was taking no direction from government on the audits, the fact that the Federal Revenue Minister has made this announcement of termination belies that claim, of course.

Let us hope against hope that the era of dirty tricks in Canada is over.


  1. .. just imagine the nature of the directives that initiated the assault and malicious harrassment of the 'offending charities. Take your pick of the process involved & what an investigating body would have to follow up. Normal printed reports - possibly shredded. Network digital documentation - possibly triple deleted. Departmental emails - possibly triple deleted. Private personal account emails - possibly deleted as well as cel phones disposed of. Voice communication ie person to person aural - Easily denied and/or not remembered. The Harper Government was and is a wall of denial aside from one brief shining moment from Benjamin Perrin durin the neverending Duffy trial. This was gross incompetance, coercion and fiduciary duty be damned, authority abused. treachery from most high. Lips sealed firewalls everywhere.. Harper's legacy is a cesspool.. and it bubbles and twitches still.

    1. The stench of Harper's evil will remain for some time, Salamader, but a full accounting of his nefarious abuses of power and democracy will have to await an intrepid soul (if such exists) who, now being cast out of power, will decide to cleanse his or her soul by telling us the truth of what really went on during Canada's lost years.

  2. It is interesting Lorne that there is so much more to tell about Harpers reign and that what has been revealed is just the tip of the iceberg. It would be good to know the whole story. My guess is it would be very, very ugly. Is it possible for the Cons. to keep so much hidden? I wonder. Maybe that is why Harper is staying out of sight. Coming back to Ottawa, the scene of the crime, would be too much of a risk for him. It's going to be an interesting 4 yrs.

    1. History often seems to have a way of getting at the truth, Pamela, but sometimes we have to wait years for it. I suspect that will be the case with our lost years.