Monday, August 10, 2015

Speaking The Truth: A Crime In Harperland

I was going to write about Linda McQuaig's honest assertion that much of the tarsands' oil will have to be left in the ground if Canada is to meet its climate change mitigation targets. It is an assertion that world experts agree with.

However, since Bill Longstaff has beaten me to the topic, I will suggest that you check out his blog post rather than run the risk of being repetitive. You might also want to watch the video wherein Ms. McQuaig makes the 'offending' observation, one that fellow guest and Harper apologist Michelle Rempel pounces upon:

And, of course, Dear Leader, ever the monomaniac and hyperbolist, couldn't resist pillorying McQuaig for bringing a modicum of honesty to the campaign:
A remark about the oil sands made to the CBC by Linda McQuaig, the NDP’s Toronto Centre candidate, shows the NDP will “wreck our economy” and should never come to power, Conservative leader Stephen Harper said.
Linda McQuaig - a rebel with a cause. We surely need more of her kind.


  1. Michelle Rempel is another cowardly lion (or lioness?), isn't she?

    Taking a selfie of heself in her bedroom mocking the terrorists but then hiding scared during the terrorist attack on Parliament. Just like her leader in the closet. And then emerging to claim that Canadians will not be intimidated.

    I think it is not possible for these people to feel any shame, eh? Hopefully, there will be at least a small orange wave in Alberta in Oct. and she is one of those washed away by it.

    1. Michelle Rempel, like the rest of her ilk, is content to merrily parrot the party line. I noticed in her appearance on P&P that she managed to work in two of her leader's stock phrases: (Mr. Harper's) "strong leadership" and the NDP's "risky schemes." or word to that effect.

      Fiddling while Rome burns is her and her party's default position, Anon.

  2. The entire caucus has been told what to think, Lorne.

    1. For all intents and purposes, Owen, Harper's is truly a one-man rule.