Thursday, August 27, 2015

On Mad King Stephen's Monomania

This is not the post I was planning for today, but these letters about Stephen Harper's economic ineptitude seemed too good not to share:
Re: Another Orange Wave for Alberta? Aug. 20

Of course, the prospect of an Orange Wave in Alberta is tantalizing to many and I applaud Tim Harper’s article. However when he quotes Brent Rathgeber as saying that falling oil prices are not Stephen Harper’s fault, it would have been just as astute to point out that perhaps our PM can’t be blamed for the fall of oil prices but he certainly can and should be blamed for doing what no “investor” or “economic planner” worth his salt would or should do, which is to put all his eggs in one basket.

A prime minister with a sound economic plan that looked to a solid future would have long ago diversified Canada’s strengths by encouraging, supporting and subsidizing (much the way the oil patch has been subsidized over the years) our manufacturing sector, which took such a tremendous hit when our loonie became a high petrodollar and has yet to recover.

How does Harper have the gall to ask about anyone’s “economic action plan” when even the most cursory glance at our present near-recession predicament would make it abundantly clear that he, himself, didn’t have one that worked worth a bean.

J. Bartram-Thomas, Richmond Hill

It is factually based and verified that this government has exacerbated, greatly, the economic situation Canada finds itself in, world-wide or not. From its “all our eggs in one basket” reliance on commodities, to massive cutbacks to social programs, science, and R&D, to surplus elimination/deficit creation by handing out tax breaks for the rich and companies that hold but don’t spend cash, and so on and so on, this government has empirically proven itself to be both myopic and inept at handling our asset base. Any of the opposition parties would have done a better job at preparing us for the worst.

If one was on that unfortunate plane a few months back, as a supposedly skilled pilot was directly aiming at the side of a mountain, would one turn to one’s seat companion and declare that this is no time to change our aviation “expert”?

David Klarer, Oakville


  1. Lorne, the egg-head Harper supposed to have M.A in economics. What kind of economics did he study? It is a financial disaster and I understand that we're the only country in the G7 countries which is in recession.

    1. Because he worships at the neoconservative altar, LD, I think it is a safe bet that Harper regards economics as a science, and of course it is anything but. That view, however, leads one to place economic principles over people ever day of the week. Look where that has gotten us; as you say, we are apparently the only G7 country in recession.

  2. I really like how J. Bartram ended his/her article Lorne. Saying there is only one promise we have not kept out of 100 promises we did keep and Canadians should stay the economic course, because change is risky, shows how intellectually empty Harper is. A PM who is coming off of a majority government, usually boasts about his track record, but Harper literally does not speak about it at all, because he has everything to to hide. , This is Harper at his shallowest. For those interested, we are now seeing the real Harper. He literally has nothing to say, because everything he should be talking about is either a complete failure and everything else he just wants to be kept hidden from Canadians. What he is giving Canadians is talking points! It's like he's following a marketing plan regarding how to sell a product, because after all, we are all just consumers according to Harpers neoliberalism. That's why he has an invitation only campaign. He wouldn't dare let the Canadian majority attend his campaign stops and ask him the hard questions. Harper is treating the Canadian public like his cabinet and caucus treats the opposition in the House of Commons by speaking and answering questions only with talking points given to them by the PMO,
    Harper really thinks he can control the messaging in this campaign and the Canadian public will fall in line. The complete contempt and arrogance that he is showing to the Canadian public has never been seen before.

    1. You've nailed Harper's methodology here, Pamela. Unless another casualty of his disastrous reign is Canadians' self-respect, they will toss him out in October.