Tuesday, May 5, 2015

UPDATED: Harper's Jihad Part 3

Dear Leader's jihad against Muslims continues apace. As you probably know, his regime is going to court today to request an "emergency" stay of Omar Khadr's release on bail, their arguments appearing increasingly desperate. Previous claims that his release would do irreparable harm to Canada's relationship with the U.S. have proven to be unfounded. That he poses a threat to public safety is refuted by the fact that he has proven to be a model prisoner.

Even as conservative and pro-government an organ as The Globe and Mail is saying enough is enough.

What is a government desperate to use Khadr as a political pinata to do? How to appeal to the prejudices and hatreds of a rabid base?

The latest claim, made yesterday and in all likelihood as fatuous as the others, is this:
"A lack of clarity in the international transfer process may jeopardize the system as a whole," the government states in documents obtained by The Canadian Press.

"(Khadr's) release unsettles the foundation of this system by introducing uncertainty and a lack of control over the manner in which Canadian offenders' sentences are enforced."
In response, Khadr's lawyers said the government's case for a stay was weak.

For one thing, they say, the government acknowledges Khadr's case is unique and will have little or no effect on other prison transfers.

"The onus is on the (Crown) to establish that irreparable harm will actually occur if a stay is not granted," they state in their reply brief.

"Reliance upon harm that is speculative or merely 'likely' is insufficient."
And so the drama continues.

Meanwhile, the Kafkaesque persecution of Hamilton lawyer Hussein Hamdani, about which I wrote last week, continues. In an interview yesterday on CHCH News, Hamdani yielded an interesting perspective, one that seems entirely plausible given the remorselessly vindictive nature of the Harper regime.
“This is politically motivated in my estimation, so it’s not really a review. This is just something that’s been said to remove someone, who’s been critical of a recent piece of legislation, bill c-51,” Says Hamdani.

Which may be true. The allegations contained in the TVA news report are not new, they’ve been investigated before by CSIS, and the RCMP. “Which is interesting because I’ve been renewed, and renewed and renewed and every renewal there is further security checks that are done by CSIS, by the RCMP and I’m vetted again. And every time I’ve passed, you know, right from the beginning.”

And, if you read the next paragraph, fresh insight into the regime's motivation is offered:
As recently as February however, Hamdani was the pride of the Harper government at President Obama’s summit on countering violent extremism. Hamdani says his ouster could also have something to do with his recent appearance at a fundraiser for Justin Trudeau. “I think what’s happening is that this government says, why are we having somebody who is obviously a Liberal supporter on our round table? We don’t like him. We’re gonna get a better ‘yes man’!”
None of this, of course, will come as a surprise to those of us aware of the deeply vile nature of our current government. The difficult task before all of us is making a wide swath of Canadians aware of the terrible manipulations they are being subjected to, all in the service of retaining power.

A better reason to get rid of these renegades in October I cannot think of.

UPDATE: Thanks to the regime's tireless persecution of Khadr, he will have to wait at least two more days to be released on bail.


  1. Listening to Tim Powers on The Current this AM defending the Harper gov't's obsession with Khadr was just about too much for my breakfast.

    1. Didn't hear him, and by your description, double nickel, glad I didn't.

  2. Th Khadr case lays bear what drives this government, Lorne. And it's not their better angels.

    1. For a regime with such religious zeal, Owen, they seem to be doing the work of the devil.

  3. I am very skeptical Lorne about Harpers desperate request for an "emergency" stay of Omar Khadrs release on bail. Coupled with his going to Iraq and his speech to our troops in Kuwait. He pledged unconditional support to our troops and said " by fighting this enemy, you are protecting Canadians at home." So why be there at all and why all the bluster as if it is another invasion of Normandy or liberation of Holland instead of for the most part a small group of pilots who will be dropping bombs on alledged targeted terrorists, that will only serve in the future to make Canada a target for revenge seeking terrorists. Apart from looking and sounding ridiculous, Harper has to know what the consequences of his reckless words could mean for endangering Canadians. I do not believe that Harper is doing this just to get votes back home, nor is he doing it just to please his base. That is part of it , but I think what is motivating him is much more sinister. The fact that his actions and words could cause a terrorist strike in Canada is something that he not only is aware of but, it is something he is now encouraging. He would prefer a strike happen before October 2015. I no longer have any illusions that if Harper can facilitate a terrorist attack on Canadians through his damning words, then he will do it and he is doing it now. His vengeance toward Omar Khadr, while it fits his vile nature can also be a tool to aggravate terrorists. Almost everything Harper does is strategic and done for political gain. In this instance it is done to hold on to power. Ask yourself where do we draw line with Harpers actions and words and the horrible consequences these actions and words can mean for Canadians? Are these words just grandstanding on Harpers part? Is he saying all of this rhetoric to please his base and get more votes back home? Is he driven by principle in that he genuinely believes that this is the only way terrorism can be stopped? Who benefits from his warring actions and words? One has to ask, what kind of PM puts his own people in harms way just to carry out his own military agenda? The terrorist problem in the middle east can be dealt with in many different ways by Canadian foreign affairs other then militarily. It can be dealt with in ways that would not pose a threat to Canadians. Is there a possibility of a terrorist attack on Canadians before October 19? Harper has his hands behind his back, fingers crossed.

    1. I have no doubt that a terrorist attack before the election would ensure Harper's re-election, Pamela. Whether that is what he is angling for, I do not know, but the fact that we could seriously entertain such a motivation shows how damaging Harper is for Canada. If we cannot trust our leadership to do what is best for the country, that leadership needs to be vigorously and decisively deposed in October. I pray that will happen.