Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Please Pass it On

... to anyone who you think might need a reminder:


  1. .. ah yes .. the late saint, Jim Flaherty, beloved by all MPs
    and just one aspect of his legacy as a Harper enabler
    is the 450 page non budget - Omnibus Budget Bill C-38

    In the stampede to distort Canada beyond belief this is but a part of the Harper & complicits assault on Reason, Democracy and Environment..
    Best jam these kind of insults in before the population wakes from its slumber.

    Whenever I hear the spew re Strong Responsible Government
    I think of the contradiction of everything Harper and his felons & quislings
    stand for and represent. Certainly not Canadians or their Values

    1. They truly are the anti-thesis of what most caring citizens regard as their Canada, Salamander. As for Flaherty himself, the hagiography that followed his death was testament to the well-oiled Harper propaganda machine.