Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tory Hot Air Worsens Climate Change

Watch this video and you'll know what I mean:


  1. Global warming policy has impoverished the world and led to neglect of policies to lead poor nations out of poverty. The Ebola epidemic in Western Africa may be a result of these policies. On October 18, The Times published an article "Our energy policy is insane: that's the inconvenient truth" by Tim Montgomerie that said, "The real casualties of the West’s green policies aren’t the poor in this country but in the developing world. Aid money that could be going to tackle malaria or to build a health infrastructure capable of containing ebola often goes to dubious green projects. Barack Obama has stopped US aid from helping build any new coal-fired power plants. This policy will literally kill people. The alternative to fossil fuels for many poor nations isn’t expensive renewable energy but no fuel at all. And no fuel at all means no refrigeration for medicines in health clinics and no warmth for very poor families on freezing nights."

    1. There is no reason, in my view, James, that the pursuit of green energy and aid projects should be mutually exclusive. And in the long term, climate change exacerbated by the continued reliance on fossil fuels will only make problems worse throughout the world, including the developing world which is far more vulnerable to the vicissitudes of climate than the developed world.