Monday, September 1, 2014

And Speaking Of Labour

All kinds of abuses continue under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. As reported by the CBC, an Italian company, Saipem, contracted by Husky Sunrise to build a multi-billion dollar plant 60 kilometres north of Fort McMurray, is employing 344 foreign tradespersons and others who are either unqualified, uncertified or cannot understand English, thereby putting lives at risk.

Despite complaints by supervisors and a surfeit of qualified Canadians who are being ignored in the company's hiring practices, almost nothing is being done about this dangerous situation:


  1. Lorne, Happy Labour Day.

    I doubt King Harper will do anything about foreign workers' issue. Firstly jobs are taken away from Canadians. Secondly, as you pointed out, there is abuse of foreign workers. Besides danger to their lives they're paid less than minimum wages. It is very sad state of affairs.

    1. Happy labour Day, LD. let's hope that the future brings positive changes that will allow us to really celebrate this day.

  2. Such is life in a neoliberal, corporatist state. These are the actions of a state that has no fear of its people.

  3. Also this: