Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rather Apt, Don't You Think?

H/t The ChronicleHerald


  1. .. Who will lift the rock, expose & turn a harsh spotlight on the PMO's mysterious & slimy creatures, toxic advisors, policy wonks, conjurers & forked tongue carpet baggers that slither n scuttle away?

    Not the reptilian junior dweebs, the Harper enchanted, shallow and unpaid interns, the aspiring poli sci frats n wanna be Stephen Lecce's, Flanagan's, Jenni Byrne's, Ray Novak's, Bruce Carson's, Ken Boesenkool's and their mouldering zombie ilk.. No .. we want the names of the skilled handlers, lawyers, the bag persons, the cutout artists, the invisible but invasive thugs ..

    Where is the list of these tottering smug slime asshats that nobody ever actually gets to vote for or elect ? .... At the very least can we have the top 100 prick f'up un-Canadian arse louts, supremacist anti First Nations, kill the wild salmon, name them as willing to kill The Charter too, tar sands uber Alberta alles, frack the nation n frack the elections too.. n gawd bless our faux Eco Not Sensible Akshun Plan

    Where are the revealing ID shots of these deserving so called kanadians n konservatives, so we know who we are paying to act like entitled dimwit twerps, traitors ? Eh ?

    Put another way .. if these losers were actually winners, exemplars we'd be seeing medals stuck on their chests and glowing hearts.. as they stand on guard for thee ... But no.. instead of being visible, proud of who they are, they scheme in demokratik darkness,. anonymous..Playing at politikal poutine with extra gravy .. paying via anonymous konservative PayPal or brown bag dollars

    Why are we not outing this korps of toxic, omnipotent creeps ?
    They deserve or have earned some sort of free pass ..?
    Immunity ? Oh.. + a free ride & they also dream of a Senate appointment
    or being ambassador of China ... or the moon

    Fer gawds sake .. wake up Canada..
    The barbarians are at the gate !!

    And actually .. we elected to let them guard the gate ...

    1. As usual, Salamander, you have offered an eviscerating assessment; the shadowy apparatchiks within the Harper cabal warrant nothing less.