Friday, June 7, 2013

On The Politically Compliant

Woke up this morning thinking of our friends in the animal kingdom, and their affinity for their counterparts in Ottawa.


  1. .. sometimes we fall into a polite trap .. & its quite Canadian eh ?

    But its likely we do nobody, our nation and or responsibility to our environment & peoples, no service, allegiance, or guardianship whatsoever.. by accepting in any way, the un-Canadian actions of our elected politicians & unelected shadow political crustaceans & insects.

    Let me repeat that.. just in case it was not obvious or blunt ...

    ** --- the Un-Canadian actions of our elected politicians --- **
    Yes .. I did say 'Un-Canadian' ..
    Not 'flawed' .. not 'partisan' .. not 'Conservative' .. not 'political'
    .. just plain .. UN-CANADIAN .. Yes, anti Canadian .. pro Harper

    They (our elected MP's or political apparatchiks) are not trained seals.. they are weak, flawed, tainted, sellout, partisan, drone poseur humans.

    Yes, some of them go home to their mommies, boyfriends, lovers, wives or children.. and perhaps tell them they how they 'defended' Canada from a left wing lickspittle media conspiracy and the great electoral unwashed (us)

    They .. the MP's, campaigners, volunteers, PMO overseers, have either embraced, advocated for, or adapted to the strong arm tactic & ideology & deceit of their 'leader', inner circle and unelected political enforcers.. or they had already bought into the scam prior to the electoral fraud they helped commit.

    We are seeing the fruits of their labour currently ..

    Albertawa. .. the systemic Harper Reform fracturing of Canada..
    for the benefit of Harper economic experimentation
    the Stevie/Ray/Flanagan/Manning/Kenney/Oliver/Kent
    petro corporatist sellout ideology

    And their headlong rush to embrace some sort of Rapture timetable
    with an epicenter Israel .. or .. Ottawalberta

    .. mm .. we're just not sure where or why ....
    because it was not part of an election promise, a budget item ..
    or any coherent, democratic, responsible public service promise ..

    1. You will find no disagreement from me with anything you have stated here, Salamander. I only wish there were some tried and true method to convey your indictment so the general electorate could widely recognize the myriad flaws that your comments address. Until the outrage you express manages to become a widely-held feeling amongst the citizens of this country, I fear that un-Canadian and undemocratic practices of the Conservatives will continue unabated well-past the next federal election.


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