Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Cracks in the Conservative Monolith

Hannah Thibedeau's report gladdened my heart this morning as she detailed the events behind federal Conservative M.P. Brent Rathgeber's decision to leave the Harper caucus over changes to his private member's bill that would have required the public disclosure of all the expenses and salaries of highly paid public service workers. This, coupled with recent Conservative backbencher discontent over their muzzling, gives at least some faint hope for a brighter future on the Canadian political landscape.

This comes on the heels of a damning indictment from the right-wing Canadian Taxpayers Federation prompted by Harper's failure to meet its expectations of fiscal ruthlessness, as reported in today's Star by Thomas Walkon.


  1. Perhaps the wheels are beginning to come off the bus, Lorne. That usually happens after you have thrown several people underneath it.

    1. One hopes there will be many more such traffic impediments in the future, Owen, to the point that the road inspection in 2015 deems Tory transit unfit for further use.


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