Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moral Bankruptcy And Strategic Errors

Like the morally bankrupt coward that he is, our Prime Prevaricator, Stephen Harper, recently made another ham-fisted attempt to discredit Justin Trudeau (a man, by the way, who does not especially impress me.) Given his general contempt for the intelligence of the majority of Canadians, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time to have his office 'leak' the story of a money-losing speaking engagement by Trudeau at Georgian College.

The information, offered on the condition that the PMO not be identified as the source, backfired on the increasingly desperate Conservatives, as you will see below. The Harper cabal's biggest miscalculation, it seems, is that it didn't count on a quality virtually non-existent within its own ranks, personal and professional integrity:

As usual, our national embarrassment, Harper, refused to answer questions about this tawdry affair while at The G8.

BTW, if you don't think that sheer moral bankruptcy is sufficient explanation for recent Tory ineptitude in its dirty tricks deployment, The Star's Susan Delacourt has an alternative view.


  1. They're scared, Lorne, and they're making mistakes.

    1. Let us hope, Owen, that their fear continues to increase so that their errors continue to multiply.

  2. Amazed to hear Mel Cappe say on TV last night that she had done this because she apparently did not understand how things work in Ottawa.

    As someone who had been appointed Deputy Min. by Mulroney, and who had served as Clerk of the Privy Council during Chretien's time, Cappe certainly knows how things are supposed to work in Ottawa.

    It really is a pity that we do not have more of people with high principles like Lori and fewer of people like Mel.

    The PMO is supposed to be working for all Canadians and this principle should be applied regardless of the party in power. One would have thought that Mel Cappe of all people would have upheld this principle.

    1. It would seem, Anon, that we, the general public, are meant to take little or no notice of the corruption inherent in the politics of expediency; it certainly sounds like that is the hymnbook Cappe is singing from.