Thursday, June 13, 2013

But MacKay Is A Man of His Word, Isn't He?*

So I am sure there is nothing to get alarmed about with this revelation.

* Well, I suppose some would disagree.


  1. It's all of a piece, Lorne. They really don't want the public to know what's going on.

    1. And like patriotism, Owen, claims of national security would appear to be one of the last refuges of the scoundrels.

  2. .. I think it important that Canadians be made aware of, examine and evaluate the actions of public servants elected to represent us and enhance or defend our needs, dreams and wishes.

    That is the basic job description of elected MP's, n'est ce pas ? Its great if they have fantastic ideas or solutions or vigor .. but they represent us.. right ? We pay them.. we hired them, we trusted or believed them.

    So MacKay was seen as such a valuable MP, not just to his riding constituents, but to his country and the political party - who saw him as leadership material.. and so it came to pass that Stephen Harper appointed MacKay to a very critical position.. Minister of Defense

    So let's evaluate ... Or actually let's not bother. Lets instead ask if Peter MacKay's actions represent his constituents, his country .. or simply reflect the deluded pragmatism and odd reality of the political party he helped create and then lost control of.

    Perhaps better (rudely) put.. is Peter MacKay essentially one of Stephen Harper's lapdogs ? And so far.. enjoying the ride? While whining on the side

    If that's the case, then he stands for nothing other than dollar driven partisan ideology, delivered by his master Stephen. And he sucks eggs for ideologues of the PMO such as Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne and the dear departed warmest kindest most honorable chief of staff, Nigel Wright and any other entitled corporatist or evangelistic, entitled smug packdogs that run with .. or run .. all of them.

    What action could be more clear, more representative, more obvious.. than letting Canadians know what he was going to do ?? Unless it was something he was told to do, that would not be acceptable.. in which case, why the hell was he going to do it ????? Was he now just another Minister of Secretly Doing What He Was Told ? What.. a la take the money n run Tony Clement ? Or Joe 'drink the tar sand water' Oliver

    Stephen Harper seems to have a bottomless pit just full of petro-sellouts, incompetrumpets, obstructionistas, legal suppressianados. denialists, liars, whiners and litigators .. and creationists.. all able to make a simple question or action or crime, a case for the Supreme Court, the United Nations (excepting Canada) a Royal Commission or a 4 year forensic hide the salami or helicopter accounting debacle.

    Retire .. please .. Mr MacKay & quickly. You're about to be photographed and filmed on the deck of Her Majesties submarine HRCN Harperbot as it submerges accidently during a joint fleet sail by & salute during a visit by the Chinese politburo who wisely declined the photo op and remained on dry land with the Prime Minister & his pet pandas.. Oliver, Kent, Baird & Flaherty..

    And remember Peter .. you're up to your skinny arse in the prorogue & torture denials re Afghanistan .. and walking away from, turning your back on or claiming Client/Solicitor Privilege from hurting, crippled, deserving & heroic military vets, their families and their countrymen.. that you and Stephen Harper sent overseas.. then went to court against ..

  3. Thank you as usual for your searing analysis of our current political actors, Salamander. I think you have aptly shown that MacKay is hardly an outlier within the Harper environment. Indeed, one can't help but wonder to what degree they reinforce the behaviour of each other. Talk about a corporate culture!