Saturday, April 13, 2013

Remembering Jonathan Winters

If you are of a certain age, you will remember Jonathan Winters, probably the most nimble comedic mind that the twentieth century produced. As a lad, he was one of the few people that could make me genuinely laugh out loud. The inspiration for people like Robin Williams, another comedic genius, Winters had a long and successful career. It ended yesterday when he died at the age of 87. For those who enjoyed his work, below are some video compilations that I hope you like

As with so many others who have recently passed away, we shall not look upon his like again:

But wait. There's more! Here is his famous skit from an appearance on Jack Paar, here Winters extemporizes with a simple prop - a stick:


  1. He made me laugh 'til my stomach hurt, Lorne -- perhaps because I recognized people I knew in all of his characters.

  2. Those were great Lorne, thank you for posting them.

    1. My pleasure, Karen. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  3. That is probably one of the keys to appreciating his humour, Owen. Your comment reminds me of the genuine belly laughs he elicited from me on far more occasions than anyone else ever did.