Thursday, April 11, 2013

Outsource Canada

I'm not sure who is actually responsible for breaking down these outsourcing statistics according to province and company, but we certainly owe him or her a real debt of gratitude.


  1. As usual, that stats don't always tell the whole story. Also, Manitoba is MB, not MN. That aside, it does not surprise me at all that many sushi restaurants would import sushi chefs, especially here on the prairies. Also, here in MB, Maple Leaf has done a good job of bringing in TFW's training them for jobs that apparently no one else wants,and assisting them to settle. With few exceptions, these people have applied for and become landed immigrants, and are now achieving citizenship. They are a welcome addition to our community.

  2. You raise a very good point here, double nickel, and I think that is why much more investigation into this issue needs to be done. On the one hand, the argument seems to be that these workers are doing jobs that Canadian citizens won't do; on the other hand, there are those who cogently argue that the 15% discount on wages that can be offered to temporary workers means that they are being hired over Canadians.

  3. The wage thing is interesting. Workers at Maple Leaf aren't especially well paid, but perhaps not too far out of line for the community of Brandon, where they have a large plant. I need to do some more research, but I seem to remember that Maple Leaf closed a plant in Edmonton, laying off workers there before building their plant in Brandon. The new collective agreement they implemented was certainly lower than the previous one, but I don't think it had anything to do with the TFW program. However, with all the backroom shenanigans that could have been going on, who knows what really took place between the gov't and Maple Leaf.

    1. For a recent post I did a little checking into the Edmonton Maple Leaf plant closure, which seems to have come about because the workers refused to make concessions that would have seen a significant reduction in their wages, double nickel. I think you are correct that it didn't involve temporary foreign workers.