Friday, April 19, 2013

'Is There No Honour In This Man?'

So asks MP Charlie Angus about the subject of this video report, Mike Duffy, who, as we learn, has even less integrity than it would be thought possible for any person to have:

UPDATE: Unbelievable - now Duffy claims he repaid the money in March.


  1. Lorne, we learned all we needed of Duffy's integrity in his final two years of his news career with CTV. That was when he so shamelessly shilled for the Harper government to secure his tenure in the Senate. I knew this fellow in the 70s and it was painful to watch his decline over the past ten to fifteen years. The last couple of years were excruciating to behold.

  2. I can think of no other former journalist who has lowered himself to the depths Duffy has, Mound.