Sunday, April 21, 2013

Harper's Thuggish Contempt For The Environment

This video probably speaks for itself, but for its full context, click here.



  1. Actually, it does NOT speak for itself. It does not identify whom it is supposed to be attacking. It does not tell us why dumping some yeast or something into a fish bowl is about the environment. Didn't they have a voice-over in the budget? Waste of their effort if you ask me.

    1. A fair point, greencanada. I have to admit that I did read the article before viewing the video, so I already understood the purpose intended.

  2. It represents how our current government relates to the citizenry of Canada..
    Jackboot, roughshod, violating .. with a vacant, dead heart
    A-OK with trashing of privacy, environment, democracy ..

    For anyone alert to what is going on in Canada
    under Das Stevie and the elected zombie blowhards ..
    Clement, Van Loan, Oliver, Baird, Fantino, Kent, Mackay, Flaherty et al
    and the unelected policy enforcers.. Jennie Byrne, de Lorey, Ray Novak, Arthur Hamilton
    this is a reminder of what they stand for .. or believe in .. or worse, just do for pay

    Its a reminder that we need to defend the country..
    & has nothing to do with being paid
    If you're a Canadian & your heart glows
    you don't even need the reminder..

    For those that are unaware .. and need to know
    we have an open septic tank
    on one side of parliament.. and so.. well .. maybe it represents
    the sound of a fire alarm going off .. a wake up call

    Every tiny effort is valuable..
    We can't afford to be critical of the tone of a smoke alarm
    or a CO2 alarm .. We need to wake up, respond

    While we discuss context or validity or root causes of terrorism
    our current government eradicates caribou
    shoots and poisons wolves, litigates against veterans
    legislates for farmed salmon over wild salmon
    bulldozes the First Nations and democracy
    while standing fast for Israel against the Palestinians
    and sells out to China

    Say what ??

    1. As always, Salamander. a pleasure to read your penetrating analysis. Thank you.