Friday, August 24, 2012

Irish President Rips Into American Extreme Right

I'm happy to make this video my first post since ending my technological hiatus. Enjoy.

You can read the accompanying story here.


  1. hi Lorne....welcome back !! I hope you were successful in breaking free for a while from the mighty grip of the maddening internet. I'm sure I'll be able to do that one day. As soon as I can find enough time and money to check into a fancy treatment centre. ;)
    And thanks for the video.I could listen to Michael Higgins all day. And the word "wanker" never sounded so good....

  2. Thanks for your comments, Simon. It's good to be back, although I expect a proportional rise in my blood pressure as I jump back into the absurdity of what we call politics! ;)

  3. Higgins dismembered Graham and it was a true delight to hear it. We need more like him to stand up to the rampaging Right in our own country.