Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Be Fair To G20 Cop Sgt. Mark Charlebois

When I was young, our local radio station used to carry the syndication of Paul Harvey's nightly news program. Every so often, the esteemed newsman would read an item attesting either to the extreme folly or the extreme idiocy of humanity, after which he would let out a sound that was somewhere between a profound sigh and a declaration of surrender to forces beyond his control.

Yesterday, I wrote about Sgt. Mark Charlebois, the cop who deprived Paul Figueiras of his Charter Rights during the Toronto 2010 G20 Summit. The York Police Services Board declined to charge Charlebois on a technicality.

Reading a follow-up story in today's Star citing fairness to Charlebois as the reason he wasn't charged left me uttering one of those Paul Harvey sounds.

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