Saturday, December 2, 2023

1984 Redux: Moms For Liberty

You have perhaps heard of the Orwellian-named group, Moms For Liberty, whose main mission seems to be to ensconce themselves on school boards so they can restrict the books children have access to. But there is apparently another component to their mission, that of 'saving' the white race from extinction.The following video makes all things clear:

Then there is the most recent news about these God-fearing Christians:

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the woman who led an ultra-conservative movement in Florida education that sought to put gays back in the closet was having a long-term, three-way lesbian relationship with a lover she shared with her husband, the state’s GOP chairman? That’s the allegation being made about Bridget Ziegler — co-founder of far-right Moms for Liberty and a Sarasota School Board member — by an unnamed woman accusing Christian Ziegler of rape and sexual battery. Hypocrisy on steroids, if true.

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God save us from 'Christian' zeal.  


  1. I have been slightly comforted by Utah primary schools ban Bible for 'vulgarity and violence'

    Ah yes, 'Christian' zeal. Some collection of myths, shibboleths, and prejudice espoused by people who have almost no knowledge of the bible, Christian theology or Christian history but they believe their ministers' rants and raves.

    1. Thanks for the link, Anon. I would think that action would send some of the fundamentalists into a real frenzy. As to your second comment, I think it's highly unlikely the majority of the zealots have more than a passing acquaintance with The Bible.

    2. There is a psychologist at UWinnipeg who has spent 30-40 years studying Authoritarianism which he finds closely associated with religiosity in many cases. His research suggests that many "religious", bible-thumping, Christians know remarkably little about what's in the bible.

      Chris Hedges , a Pulitzer Prizewinning journalist, and a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, says that when he was doing some work on Evangelicals or Fundamentalists in the USA, preachers suddenly did not want the talk about scripture when they learned about his divinity degree.

    3. I think by their nature, evangelicals tend toward authoritarianism, Anon. If you look at their ravings, they tend to favour the God of the Old Testament to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. Yahweh in the O.T. is depicted as a judgemental and vengeful deity, characteristics the evangelicals seem to all too frequently and gleefully emulate.

      Chris Hedges, whose work I have read and admire, has little patience for such literalism, and it is not surprising that most 'religious' give him a wide berth.