Thursday, August 11, 2022

A Cogent Rebuttal To Privatized Healthcare

Here in Ontario, the newly re-elected Conservatives under Doug Ford are making oblique sounds about private health care as a way to help solve our hospital crises. While we do have private clinics, etc. in this province, it would seem that they are suggesting much more than that. 

One needn't be a particularly deep thinker to see some of the flaws in that logic, the most egregious being that private entities exist to make profits, and that anyone working for a private healthcare entity is bled off from the public system.

The following is Brittlestar offering a clear explanation to those who react ideologically instead of thinking critically. I also include a couple of comments from his followers: nailed this! My sister has a doc who runs a private clinic in TO. She pays $5,000 a year to see her doctor. When she had a heart attack this doc actually said she couldn't treat her as her annual fee was due. She suggested my sister find an OHIP doc. Private Healthcare!


My daughter was in the hospital for 4 months due 2 complications from brain surgery. Nine years ago i had cancer. I could not imagine having 2 pick & choose what healthcare 2 get based on our income. My daughter & i are still alive thanks to universal Healthcare.


  1. Lorne, FYI, I can't watch videos on this blog. When I try I get a error message, "An error occurred. Please try again later." However I have no problems watching them on source sites such as the Brittlestar link above. Toby

    1. That's good to know, Toby. I use a Twitter downloader site to download Twitter videos, as Blogger no long allows embed codes. They do allow YouTube. Has your experience been with all videos, including YouTube ones?

    2. So that's what happened. There was a time I could click on the 'watch in Youtube' button but that's not in there any more. Google has been doing weird things lately. As to your posts from other than Youtube maybe. Memory fails.

    3. The only other thing that occurs to me is the unlikely possibility that some sort of ad blocker on your browser is interfering.

    4. Yes, I use an ad blocker (uBlock Origin) but I have no problem watching videos elsewhere.

      Back to your post, I agree with the commenter above, Brittlestar nails this.