Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our Surveillance Society

While we are both right and justified in our concerns over privacy compromises and violations that modern technology seems to have turned into a tsunami, sometimes that very technology can be an ally in our pursuit of truth and justice. As we saw in the recent United Airlines assault of Doctor David Dao, video can be the antidote to corporate spin.

Now, yet another video, both from a police dashcam and a citizen, demonstrates once more that minorities are often victimized by the authorities not because they have done anything wrong, but because of their ethnicity or their colour.


  1. Wow!There's alot of hate and racism in the violence that cop exerted on the young man. A young black man to be specific.

    All for jay walking. Really? That cop should be fired. Thank goodness for the technology That recorded this.

  2. How many of these videos will it take before the political caste accepts that policing over the past decade or two has run amok? A cop who commits an assault commits a crime and it is the duty of fellow cops on the scene to place him under arrest. When those cops turn bystander they should be deemed accessories to the offence and face prosecution accordingly. The cop bystanders should have saved the life of Sammy Yatim by taking control of Forcillo before he fired. They didn't stop the first three shots and then stood by as, five seconds later, he emptied the remaining five rounds into Yatim's body. Every cop standing at Forcillo's side and doing nothing should have been jailed.

    1. I agree, Mound. The great responsibilities and powers given to police are being regularly misused. There needs to be real consequences for this profound undermining of public trust.