Wednesday, December 7, 2016

An Update On An Update

Yesterday, I posted about a man an one of Edmonton's LRT stations showing his Islamophobic/racist colours, as reported by CBC. I am happy to report that an arrest has been made:

Edmonton police have a suspect in custody in connection with a possible hate crime aimed at two hijab-wearing women.

Police thanked the public for helping the Hate Crimes Unit with the investigation.

Further details will be released when they become available, police said in a news release.

Meanwhile the Islamic community is speaking out about the incident.

"It's very unfortunate to say the least," said Arangzeb Qureshi, with the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council. "This is Islamophobia at its worst."

Qureshi credits technology with holding people who may be committing a hate crime to account.

"It's an advantage for people who are unfortunately going through this type of discrimination."
When these kinds of incidents occur, we have an obligation to intervene. To turn away from such hate crimes is to be complicit in them. End of discussion.


  1. Muslims have been coming to Canada for over 100 yrs. Lorne. The first mosque built in N.America was built in Edmonton. Christians helped to build it.

    I'm glad the police made an arrest of the man committing this hate crime.

    1. When we last visited our son in Edmonton, Pamela, I learned about the building of the first mosque. It is events like this we should be rightly proud of and celebrate. Islamaphobes like the arrestee need to be denounced far and wide.