Saturday, November 26, 2016

I'll Keep Posting These Kinds Of Videos

.... whenever I find them.

Meanwhile, these letters from Star readers remind us that the threat of racism is never far from home. We must be constantly vigilant and ready to take action against it:
Re: Signs in Toronto urge white people to join ‘alt-right’.

Marilyn May is correct in asserting that these fringe racist groups are emboldened by the attention such beliefs have received in the press with the ascent of Donald Trump and right-wing xenophobia in the U.S.

Before we get too smug; we should reflect on the fanaticism displayed by our own Rob Ford and the so-called Ford Nation. While that issue was not racist, it was a reflection of the resentment of certain groups against what they considered the elites in downtown Toronto, or the fringes versus the centre.

There will always be tribalism amongst humans and, on a smaller scale, this gives a sense of belonging and coherence in many groups. When it becomes confrontational, it is dangerous and inimical to the public peace.

In times of rapid technological and social change, we experience high levels of personal and social stress, no matter how comfortable and safe we might be compared to our forefathers.

It is interesting to note that the support of radical Trumpism has a religious twist. Christians, in particular, feel threatened and scared by the apparent incursion of other, foreign faiths or from those who have no faith at all.

I’m not sure Jesus would have approved.

Sigmund Roseth, Mississauga

It comes as no surprise to me that Donald Trump’s victory has emboldened those who periodically pop their intellectual manhole covers and bring their hateful views to the light of day.

The only difference is they believe there is now a place for their unfortunate views and they choose to remain above ground a little longer and soak up some sun.

I, however, have a great deal of faith in my fellow Canadians and don’t believe there to be fertile soil for open displays of hate here. These misguided bigots will soon enough discover this and retreat their views from whence they came, replacing their manhole covers firmly.

David Ottenbrite, Mississauga

What a mournful state of affairs has gripped Toronto. Strange indeed that men in Toronto think that because Donald Trump loves to hurl racist slurs, it makes it legal for white men in our city to do the same.

The whole world will regret that such a man could ever be elected by any group of people. Shame on the U.S. voters

Joy Taylor, Scarborough

Not only should we heed columnist Desmond Cole’s advice not to be smug. Since the appearance of alt-right posters in east-end Toronto and other reported terrible incidents of racism, we should avoid complacency about such attitudes within our society. We must be vigilant, call out unacceptable behaviour and develop strong positive responses.

Paul A. Wilson, Toronto


  1. Trump's victory has energized the worst in us, Lorne. It's always been there. Unfortunately, he's inspired some to wear their ignorance as a badge.

    1. I hope his victory has also, as the above video suggests, energized people of goodwill to take the appropriate action when they witness what seems to be becoming state-sanctioned behaviour.

  2. .. always better when parasites & vermin reveal themselves.. I do try to point to how the fabric of family, friends, community & culture are what sustain us.. The toxic elexir pimped by the Harpers & Trumps are just that.. toxins..

    1. Hopefully, like the cockroaches they are, such vermin will scurry away when a light is shone upon them, Salamander.

  3. I think all of us need to adopt a "zero tolerance" approach to this. That means doing what comes so unnaturally to us - speaking out whenever we experience this sort of thing, even peripherally. This isn't something we can tsk, tsk away. Refusing to stand up to it, to speak out loudly against it, is a betrayal of our society, our community and, ultimately, ourselves. There are plenty of people who went in harm's way to build and defend our society, who sacrificed and risked all. What right do we have, then, to look the other way?

    1. Precisely, Mound. I am with you 100% here.