Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Our Diversions

This is one of those days when I haven't felt like writing anything. And George Orwell said just about everything better, anyway.

H/t Mint Press News


  1. I'm afraid Orwell was right Lorne. We've seen it over and over again throughout history and governments who want power use the same control tecniques every time. I watch Harper and his regimes power grabs and to me they are so blatant, like bill C-51, how can Canadians not see it. I think some do. Others have ultimately shut down their minds and focus on sports, beer and film as Orwell said. We'll find out in October, how many Canadians are paying attention.

    1. The neocons come from a long tradition of those who use diversions to placate the masses, Pamela. I believe the term 'bread and circuses' originated with the Romans.