Thursday, October 16, 2014

We All have To Stand Against This Blatant Reign Of Intimidation And Tyranny

Although I have written many posts on this topic, each new incident once again evokes in me a visceral reponse bordering upon hatred for this government. The Harper regime is back at it again, using the CRA to intimidate people who are critical of its policies or in any way impede the flow of oil progress.

This time, the victims are birdwatchers, yes, that's right, birdwatchers - The Kitchener-Waterloo Field Naturalists.

CBC reports the following:
The Kitchener-Waterloo Field Naturalists, a registered charity, is apparently at risk of breaking tax agency rules that limit so-called political or partisan activities.

Earlier this year, tax auditors sent a letter to the 300-member group, warning about political material on the group's website.

The stern missive says the group must take appropriate action as necessary "including refraining from undertaking any partisan activities," with the ominous warning that "this letter does not preclude any future audits."
It appears that the Harper-directed CRA has accomplished its goal, at least in part, inasmuch as officials of the group, whose revenues amount to a mere $16,000 per annum, are refusing comment, less they attract even more wrath.

But not everyone has succumbed to intimidation:
Longtime member Roger Suffling is speaking up, saying the issue is about democratic freedom and not about arcane tax rules.

Effectively, they've put a gag on us," he said in an interview, noting that the letter arrived just after the club had written directly to two federal cabinet ministers to complain about government-approved chemicals that damage bee colonies.

"You can piece together the timing," said Suffling, an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo. "The two things are very concurrent."
The other 'sin' of this group, it would appear, is the fact that it
has also had a guest speaker to talk about the oilsands, and has publicly defended the Endangered Species Act from being watered down.
Of course, the usual suspects, who I do not believe for a minute, deny any political direction or purpose:
Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq's office ... denies there's any link, saying the agency operates independently.

Canada Revenue Agency officials say they do not target any one charitable sector, and are choosing groups impartially, without input from the minister's office.

The decision to launch an audit is also not based on any group’s position on the political spectrum, charities directorate chief Cathy Hawara has said.
Those denials might work with gullible children, but not thinking adults.

I grow weary of the totalitarian tactics of this regime. I hope my fellow Canadian feel the same.


  1. " We All have To Stand Against This Blatant Reign Of Intimidation And Tyranny".

    I knew it! The subversive birdwatchers, with their binoculars and notebooks, were plotting a government takeover. Oh sure, they may write such things as "I'm not sure if I spotted a rose-breasted or pine grosbeak", but this is really code for "We will storm Parliament at 11 am tomorrow, comrades!"

    Thanks to CSIS, the RCMP and CRA for keeping Canadians safe from the threat of radical terrorist birdwatchers.

    1. Thanks for pointing this out, Anon. I know we all all sleep more securely knowing that CSIS, the RCMP, the CRA and you have our backs.

      Also, thanks for the Monty Python links!

  2. I had to write an affirmative response to the last sentence of your blog: "I grow weary of the totalitarian tactics of this regime. I hope my fellow Canadian feel the same."

    1. Let us hope, Heather, that there is a real day of reckoning in 2015 for this corrupt regime.

  3. It would help if the opposition had the courage to denounce Harper for his despotic excesses in the most blunt of terms in the House. Call him "tyrant" or "despot." Get thrown out if that's what it takes and don't come groveling back with an apology. Act like any other government (in waiting) in exile. It's not like they've got the numbers to impact any Conservative legislative initiative. They don't.

    Form a resistance and, in the doing, give Canadians the example they so sorely need to themselves resist this authoritarian regime. It's in our numbers that we can end this nonsense. That would be a good object lesson for the next bunch also.

    1. I like your suggestion, Mound, but unfortunately our putative opposition is, in many ways, as feckless as their journalistic counterparts. The latter should have simply boycotted Harper in the last election, when he allocated a paltry handful of questions to reporters each day.

      As well, of course, the politicians who oppose Harper do so largely, not because they have something better to offer Canadians, but because they want to take his place. Setting any kind of precedent as you suggest would not be something they would relish confronting when Harper is gone and they begin to abuse power themselves.