Monday, July 2, 2012

On Harper Ideology and Young Hudak's 'Vision'

Two reading recommendations for Monday morning:

The Star has a good editorial suggesting that the Harper government's efforts to find a buyer for the Experimental Lakes Area in Kenora is just a sham, an empty public relations exercise. As the editorial points out, the reseach facility has been making key contributions to the study of freshwater lake ecologies for 50 years but saw its funding eliminated in the omnibus budget bill, in all likelihood because it advances scientific knowledge about water management and restoration that runs counter to the Harper agenda of almost unfettered exploitation of our resources, no matter the environmental price to be paid.

My other recommendation is a letter from Salmon Lee, Mississauga, who points out the flaws in young Tim Hudak's grand scheme to destroy unions in Ontario.

As always, the Star provides ample insights into the ideologies that masquerade as informed and careful deliberations by our political 'leaders'.


  1. Actually, Claude Gannon is parroting the Hudak line. It's the letter from Salmon Lee that I think you mean to cite ... yes?

  2. I am wondering if you were referring to Salmon Lee's comment instead.

  3. Thanks, Sol and Skinny Dipper, for pointing out my error. The post is now amended.